Jeremy Kyle: The perfect pick me up

This programme and others like it make me feel so much better about myself. However crap my life becomes, at least I haven’t shared it on national tv with the rest of the great unwashed. Yes ok so I’m telling my life story on the internet but at least none of you would know me in the street. What makes me angry about the Kyle show however, is it’s resident trickcyclist Graham. How someone can consider themselves a professional whilst encouraging people to publicly humiliate themselves is beyond me. If he wants to do some good he should put Jezza in the chair and tell him to GET A PROPER JOB! And isn’t it slightly hypocritical to have your show sponsered by a bingo site when most of your guests have addiction problems?

Anyway rant over. Check out this great pisstake by Jon Culshaw who has Kyle to a Tee.


One Response to “Jeremy Kyle: The perfect pick me up”

  1. sara Says:

    ha ha ha that is so true about bingo and jeremy kyle.
    He used to ne addicted to gambling so i dont know what he is talking about either
    Keep in there hun we all have bad times so dont let them get you down x

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