Down on the farm ooaarr!

It’s funny how the simple things can boost your mood, isn’t it? As I sit here at my lappy stinking of animals and’ mud but reflecting on what has been a lovely day. My great friend J (ocd,mad as a hatter) whom I’ve remained friends with since group therapy, picked me up this morning and took me out for a drive. It takes a lot to get me out of my pit. Sometimes I feel like I only switch on when someone presses the button. The rest of the time I’m in some sort of stasis, although unfortunately one that requires a lot of food lol.

So to my travels. The first stop was our local cats protection centre who were having an open day. It always saddens me to see what cruelty humans can inflict on animals. The volunteers do such a fantastic job with them and only rehome to nice cat people. I won some mini liquers on the tombola which will come in handy for my next pity party, and bought a few pieces of tat from the stall which will no doubt be saved for the next car boot sale.

Then on to my favourite part of the day. Our local farm shop. Ate some scrummy scones with cream, gossiped for an hour then went outside to stroke the animals. They have the cutest piglets, goats, ponies, rabbits and guinea pigs. I could have stayed there all day. And it was lovely to see the hordes of kids running around and having free fun, rather than being dragged round Asda as usual.

It’s so true that getting out and about lifts the mood. I just wish I could motivate myself to do it on my own. And as much as I enjoy days like this, there is always an inevitable come down afterwards. It’s as though I can’t permit myself to have fun without taking some pain later on. So finger’s crossed the dip won’t be so bad tonight.


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