Falling into a black hole has its benefits

1) No more election coverage! (We’re British, we don’t give a flying fig. So why is it headline news everynight?)

2) An end to recycling – i mean what’s the point if the planets not going to be here in 4 years?

3) No need to diet anymore – am hoping the excess fat will be sucked away by the increased pressure.

4) No more Switzerland (possibly the most boring country on earth next to Belgium)

5) All those hours spent watching StarTrek Voyager will finally be put to some use.


Oh and let me be the first to say, it’s all Gordon Browns fault!


2 Responses to “Falling into a black hole has its benefits”

  1. CalumCarr Says:

    Hi bippidee

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you found something of interest.

    BPD is such a terrble diagnosis or label (if not diagnosed but just lumped as bpd). In Scotland BPDis now recognised as a mental illness for which treatment must be given. I thought the psotion was the same, or was about to become the same, in England.

    Mind you, I don’t think that even if one is meant to be given treatment that this will always be the case and it doesn’t stop prejudice and exclusion.

    I’ll read more of your blog when I’m properly awake but I can feel your hurt and desperation and loneliness.

    Hang in there.

    Am thinking of you.


    PS I will come back.

  2. Alison Says:

    I shall have to un-agree on Switzerland since a couple of my close friends live there… and they make great chocolate!

    Maybe I should run to Switzerland and disappear…

    I think we should just attach Gordon Brown to that experiment thing and hope for the best…

    Well despite being as depressed as hell my sense of humour has not left me…

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