Shopping on no sleep. Not the best of ideas.

Oh bollocks I’ve done it again! I should never ever go near a shop when I’ve been awake all night and still don’t feel tired. It’s a basic no no for me. I only went in to post some parcels (presents to friends, because I’m Lady Bountiful when high) and came home £200 lighter. On the plus side I did open a savings account, but I also bought two massive jazz singer ornaments, which don’t go with anything in the house. I felt sorry for the shop lady because her shop was empty, so I coudln’t leave without spending some money. Also came home with three bracelets, some more jeans, a huuuuuge candle, and am already sat here thinking about what else I could get if I went back in.  In the last four days  I have also purchased a smoothie maker, 8 dvd’s, 40 bananas, a cd tower, one of those posh room fragrancers with twigs in, and some new boots.

I’m not in the slightest bit tired. I’m not diagnosed bi polar but I do get these occasional mixed episodes where I don’t sleep and usually shop or cut or give money away. Well I haven’t cut, and I’m determined not to. I’ve been giving money away to every charity collector or big issue seller I’ve come across in the last few days. Why do I never recognise the signs? Because I’m a fuckwit that’s why lol. Btw I’m in a swearing mood today. I love that word; fuckwit. I have this massive urge to hang out of the window and shout it to passers by.

Well at least the self pitying mood from last night has gone for now. Can’t wait to see what the next mood is going to be. It’s like playing on a slot machine. Ooh that reminds me. Must buy a lottery ticket too.


4 Responses to “Shopping on no sleep. Not the best of ideas.”

  1. Lola Snow Says:

    I once spent an entire afternoon hanging out of a window shouting “Me-loins” at people. It was an afternoon well spent in my opinion. Stay safe Bip.

    Lola x

  2. Alison Says:

    I go through the same but part of starting the New Year I told myself it had to stop and if friends noticed my increased spending they had to tell me… I decided after blowing £600 in a week during December and having very little to show for it I couldn’t continue doing that… I’ve been having spending urges & buying other people things for years but it’s not recognised as being a problem by the PDOC’s. Personally I think it’s classic Bipolar signs along with the endless mood swings but I am passed caring. It seems the fact I run up £10,000 worth of debts in less than 12 months and declared myself bankrupt 7 years ago was not seen as impulsive, yet I seem to only spend when I am happy or high and I buy things for others when I am depressed…

    As for the window thing, I recalled hanging out the window on Boxing Day shouting things to passes by and waving at all the cars that shot past… I was of course totally pissed!

  3. bippidee Says:

    Excessive Spending is listed as a sign of increased risk on my old care plan, but whenever I’ve mentioned it, the docs ignore it too.
    Took my meds and got three hours sleep thank goodness. Would have been more but the cat poked me in the eye.

  4. dramaqueenxx Says:

    I know the feeling. Although I do not have borderline personality disorder, I do suffer from depression. When I am the most depressed, I will spend so much money on the most random things ever. Usually it is food or shoes, but I’ve gone far enough as counting every penny I could find in the pockets of my jeans, behind sofas, or wherever, just so I could get the satisfaction of giving myself something to try and believe it was taking place for the happiness I was missing out on.
    Good luck ❤

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