neighbour from hell

I’ve had a lousy day today. Something happened which brought out all my paranoid feelings. I absolutely hate being the centre of attention, but as of this morning my name is on show to everyone on the street.

I have a problem neighbour. When I moved into the flat 8 years ago I became aware of an ongoing dispute between him and the nice couple who live above me. Joe seems to suffer from some sort of paranoia himself. I like to think the best of people so I try not to just put it down to him being a nasty piece of work. He beleives some money was stolen from his flat and this has grown into a major hate campaign against my other neighbours, who are absolutely not to blame. Every few weeks he starts hassling them again. Making nasty comments as they walk past. Threatening to take them to court. For the first five years I kept out of it, despite him constantly telling me they were evil. Then I came across him hurling abuse at a widowed pensioner and I stepped in to help her. Since then I have been added to the list of conspirators.

Joe plagues the police with lengthy, increasingly paranoid letters. He writes to our neighbours warning them about us. He shouts to me that I am a fat cow. For the most part I can laugh it off, because it has never turned violent. The police and local authority are also fully aware that his accusations are groundless.

But now he has taken to putting handmade posters in his window. Last week it proclaimed that any trouble would be returned tenfold. Today it was addressed to me and said:

To ***

When you arrived here you were brainwashed by people so desperate to hide the truth from you at all costs. Ask them about their strange behaviour many years before you came. Or better still, ask me. You will not find the truth such a big joke for you.

Now this has totally freaked me out. I hate to think of all the passers by who have read it. What will they think of me? I dread to think what will appear next time. I’ve had to ring the police and add it to the lengthy list of his harrassment. That means the police are going to come and see me tomorrow, which is a huge problem in itself. I can’t answer the door to my flat. I am phobic about letting people inside, and have to prepare for it in advance. The flat is also a bit of a tip. So now I have to stay up most of the night to make sure it is clean and tidy.

Also, what’s the point of complaining? I’ve been in a similiar situation at a previous address. That did go to court, and the druggie who had terrorised me for two years, posting porn through my door, slashing my clothes on the washing line, shouting that he was going to stab me, got away with a years probation because I was deemed to be too mentally ill to testify. Now I’m scared that the police will look me up and dismiss me as a serial complainer. Or if they do proceed with charges, he might escalate his campaign. I live alone on the ground floor and feel very wary. I’m sat here now listening out for every noise. I know that he isn’t anywhere near as bad as the last one but it’s bringing it all back.  And I’m frustrated at the way he makes me feel. This is the absolute last thing I needed to deal with this week!

And yet, I still have sympathy for the man. He must be deeply troubled and I wish he would get help. I’m hoping that the police can make him get a psychiatric assessment. I don’t know if that is within their powers though.

I just want him to take the poster down. Right now I want to throw a brick through that bloody window.


3 Responses to “neighbour from hell”

  1. Lola Snow Says:

    That’s horrible, and I’ll admit harassment never seems to come to a satisfactory legal conclusion, but often too because there is no real closure for someone sullying your name and causing you misery.

    Having said that if he has been causing problems to other neighbours and you can point the police in their direction then it adds weight to your case. Plus if he has been bothering the police already they are probably well aware of his mental health issues and will be able to pass the information on to the necessary agencies.

    In a way it might be a good thing for him. Obviously that doesn’t take away the pain that you are going through, but as someone who has experienced paranoia, you’ll know how awful it is to live like that. Maybe reporting this will spur someone into action to get him the help he needs.

    Hope it goes OK

    Lola x

  2. Rachel Says:

    Eurgh, he sounds like a nightmare.

    I don’t think you need to worry that his posters would make people think anything about YOU – because it’s really obvious that there’s something wrong with HIM. If I saw a poster up like that I would automatically ignore anything he actually said on the posters as the ideas of someone with a loose grasp on reality. If it made me think anything about you at all, it would be that you are very unfortunate to be a neighbour of this man.

    Same with the police; with his past and current behaviour, they’re definitely going to know you are not a ‘serial complainer’!

    Good luck with it all. Fingers crossed that he gets some help.

  3. Alison Says:

    I can fully sympathise with you about your experience and how it had left you feeling. I went through 7 years of hell with neighbours to the point it drove me mad and left me feeling very insecure. This guy has no right to put public information in his window like this and I only hope the police do something.

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