Quick update

Well, as expected, Dad will have to start chemo at the beginning of Feb. He’ll stay overnight for one night in the first week, attend once as a day patient the second week, then have the third week off. Providing he can handle it, they’ll repeat the cycle three times. First of all though he needs to have tests to check his remaining kidney is functioning well enough to cope with the chemo. He is remarkably fit for a man in his seventies though, and has been out walking five miles a day in the last week, which is amazing given that it’s less than three months since his operation. If anyone can beat it he can.

The people who are running the research into BPD’ers with psychosis phoned me today. I’d forgotten to send in my consent form for them to look through my records. We’ve arranged for me to be interviewed on March 10th so that should be interesting. Fortunately the fact that I haven’t experienced any psychosis for several months doesn’t matter, as they want to hear about the last year. It all seems a bit hazy now though, so I’m not sure that I’ll be much use to them. Any research into BPD is useful though so I’m glad to be able to help. And lets face it, I’ll love the attention!

Just watched Obama’s inaugaration speech. Have to say that I was slightly disappointed. There wasn’t any stand out line for which he’ll be remembered, and more importantly, we still don’t know which puppy they’ve chosen! I liked the way he messed up his lines though. Perhaps a homage to Bush? Give him a week and the backstabbers will start circling.


3 Responses to “Quick update”

  1. Alison Says:

    I am thinking of you and your dad and I’ll keep him in my thoughts when he starts his chemo. I am scared shitless of mum’s operation on the 4th, at the moment I feel she’s too weak to undergo it and at her pre assessment last week they told her she was high risk. There was hope she would come out of hospital before going back in for a week but it’s doubtful that will happen now. Still the operation has to go ahead, it’s not like she has a choice.

  2. bippidee Says:

    thanks ali. I’ll be thinking of you and your mum too. Dad was told he was high risk before he had his kidney out too, because his blood pressure spiked. They delayed his op until there was an available bed in the high dependency ward and he stayed in there for a day so they could keep an eye on him.

  3. Alison Says:

    Yeah they told mum she will go to HDU afterwards but may also spend the first 24 hours in ICU.

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