Dad was due to start his chemo today. Unfortunately his remaining kidney isn’t strong enough to cope with the preferred treatment. He’ll start next week instead and will be given a less toxic drug. I would imagine that means the chances of the treatment working are also lower. So it’s a bit of a blow. He just wants to start the treatment now and is sick of all this hanging around. It must be nigh on 6 months since he was diagnosed and over 3 months since his nephrectomy and he has yet to start treatment. I know I’m finding it is wearing me out so heaven knows how he is coping with it.

Other than that, life is treating me very well. Seeing the pdoc last week gave me an opportunity to reflect on life and I think I am slowly improving. I haven’t cut for a long time. I sleep properly now (apart from tonight) and am starting to eat more healthily. I am feeling a bit lost though. Where do I go from here? What do people do when they are well? Actually ‘well’ might be an exaggeration, but I’m not in crisis and I’m not suicidal. Looking back at recent posts I realise that I have been stalling for quite a while. I know I should be doing more each day but I’m just not getting round to it. I need to set some goals. Hmmm, let me have a think about it and I’ll post another time. Shopping less would be a start though, but there are still sales on!


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  1. Alison Says:

    Sorry to hear about your Dad’s set back. I of course know how you are feeling it’s awful seeing someone you love go through so much uncertainly. Mum’s had the Nephrectomy today and we went up to see her this evening in ICU, they reckon she will be there for about five days. I am really nervous about hearing the results of the pathology report on the kidney removed but I guess it’s just got to be taken one day at time. Like you I can hardly believe so much time has passed since the word tumour and cancer were first mentioned in November, it’s such a long drawn out process.

    I wish your dad well and my thoughts are with him and of course you and the rest of the family. Take care… x

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