I might as well just cut and paste from 3 years ago.

Because I’m back there again. I don’t usually re-read old diary or blog entries. Why learn from the past when it’s so much more interesting to make lots of fresh new exciting mistakes? But today I came home from a&e and did a google search on CMHT’s and borderlines (more on that later) and up popped my old friends at Crazy Nurse, which in turn led me to this old blog.

So, A&E. In a bpd nutshell: decline, isolation, low moods,shaved head,worried mental friends,  intervention, a&e visit, sent home, overdose, long lovely day of sleep, mental health support line, emergency doctor on phone, narky GP receptionist, forced trip to a&e, bloods, ecg, Dougie Howser MD lookalike, psych consult, tears, home again, upcoming assessment with CMHT (shitting myself) Emmerdale on TV, new hazlenut chunky kitkat (yum), emotionally drained.

anyway that’s my week.

nice to be back. more to follow from tomorrow i promise. hope a few of my old friends are still about xx


2 Responses to “I might as well just cut and paste from 3 years ago.”

  1. http://yahoo.com Says:

    Just where did you end up getting the recommendations to
    post ““I might as well just cut and paste from 3 years ago.
    Life from the sofa”? Regards ,Beulah

  2. Amy Says:

    You actually are me!!!
    Everything you’ve spoken about is me all over! I thought I was the only one in the world who is like this! I find it perfectly normal to stay on my sofa for days on end only knowing the time by whether it’s light or dark outside!
    I have had the worst experiences with the mental health teams and therefore have no interest in engaging with anybody!
    Quetiapine is both amazing and terrible! I love it when I need to get away for a day or so but hate taking it regularly! Not that I’ve ever tried anything long enough to see any effects!
    I’m utterly fascinated by you! You’re blog is amazing! I’m in my late twenties and have thought about documenting my experiences. But never thought I would be taken seriously! Keep writing please I would love to know more

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