In limbo

The CMHT team will have sat and decided what to do with me today. Presumably they will either phone or write to me in the next few days to tell me to feck off and manage on my own. It will probably be a letter, in order to avoid any confrontation. Had a nice half hour today planning which train line to sit on, but then had a nap and felt more together. I run out of meds tonight and can’t find my prescription anywhere in this tip of a flat. Was contemplating coming off them completely as a kind of self harm thing, by giving myself some horrible withdrawals. But I’m not sure I could cope with a week of no sleep.

Am watching old episodes of Blackadder as a distraction technique tonight, and eating some M&S hot cross loaf which is the yummiest thing I’ve eaten in a long time. No money now for another 3 days and only ¬£3 left in the gas meter but I still shopped for food at M&S today lol. Sod sense and eat cake!


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